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Nostalgia House-type Mobile Home
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House-type Mobile Home 'NOSTALGIA' NOSTALGIA

The Nostalgia was designed by Toshio Yamashita, a former chief designer of Nissan Motor who designed "FAIRLADY Z", etc.
"Life with excitement and enjoyment always" is the theme of this model.

The downstairs room and the barrier-free floor are constructed by taking advantage of the stepped chassis (patented). The Nostalgia has a spacious bathroom (180 cm x 180 cm), a built-in kitchen with IH cooktop, and heart-warming lighting fixtures.
A furnished type is equipped with floor heating and nostalgic high-grade furniture.

Last Updated: July 1, 2017

Special Chassis for Japan
  • Heavy duty C-channel chassis, stepped chassis (patented)
  • Impact absorbing axles with rear brakes
  • 2x4 structure (wall, floor and ceiling)
  • Roof truss
  • Thermal insulation material for cold district
  • Galvalume exterior siding
  • Galvalume roof
  • Highly airtight and highly heat insulating windows: Vinyl sash double-pane windows with Low-E glass and argon gas fill
Exterior  "Nostalgia special design"
Nostalgia has a characteristic arch-shaped roof.
Galvalume siding /
Vinyl sash double-pane windows
Nostalgia has the most spacious indoor space in our models.
Black front door (with double lock)
Exterior wall lights are oval marine lights.
Interior  "Nostalgia special interior"
Roomy indoor space of 39 sq.m.
The curve-shaped high ceiling is a special design for Nostalgia.
Entrance space with a shoe rack and space for taking off shoes (for a Japanese custom)
Light switches
Ceiling lights and bracket lights
Living room
Patio door in the living room
Sitting area
A bedroom and a down-floor room are on the far side of the sitting area.
Kitchen and dining space
Built-in kitchen (180 cm wide)
Induction (IH) cooktop with 3 heating elements, with a fish grill
A range hood and an overhead cabinet
Bedroom has space for 2 small double beds.
Steps to the bedroom
Down-floor room
Down-floor room is under the bedroom.
How about reading a book, or taking a nap in this new space?

Japanese bathroom: a bathroom having a space for washing a body (for taking a shower/bath), and a separate toilet room

Spacious bathroom (180cm x 180cm) with bathtub and body-washing space
Barrier-free floor (no level difference between bathroom and dressing room)
Dressing room
Wooden counter and sink
Toilet room
The toilet has a heated seat and bidet function as a standard.
Options  Prices of options below is tax-excluded.
Dining table and 4 chairs
(part of a Furniture Set)
Sofa (leather)
(part of a Furniture Set)
Small double bed
(part of a Furniture Set)
300-litre refrigerator made in Japan
(part of a Furniture Set)
Curtains (blackout & sheer curtains, wooden rail)
(part of a Furniture Set)
Aluminum trunk table made in the US: 530,000 yen
Leather chair made in the US: 470,000 yen
Box table made in the US: 480,000 yen
Awning: 250,000 yen
Floor heating (film type): 12,000 yen/sq.m.
Controller: 65,000 yen
Floor plan

Total width 3.48 m / Length 12 m (Total length 13.1 m) / Height 4.1 m

Floor plan: N1234DF
Elevation: N1234DF
"NOSTALGIA" Equipment and specifications   [House-type down-floor model]
Standard: Std / Option: Opt
Model number N1234DF
Price (tax-excluded) / Unit: JPY 10,800,000 13,100,000
Price (tax-included) / Unit: JPY 11,664,000 14,148,000
Equipment Option Unit-price
(Yen, tax-excluded)
Nostalgia design exterior - Std Std
Galvalume siding (gray & black) - Std Std
Vinyl sash double-pane windows with Low-E glass and argon gas fill - Std Std
Outdoor outlets (2) - Std Std
Front door (90cm × 230cm) - Std Std
Oval marine light style porch lights (8) - Std Std
Awning (450cm x 120cm) 250,000 Opt Std
Entrance space with steps - Std Std
Hemp cloth pattern wallpaper finish - Std Std
Wooden floor - Std Std
Curtains (blackout & sheer curtains, wooden rails) * 250,000 Opt Std
Sofa (leather) * part of Furniture Set Opt Std
Dining table and 4 chairs * part of Furniture Set Opt Std
Patio door - Std Std
Spotlight type indirect lighting (dimmable lights) - Std Std
Ceiling lights (dimmable lights) - Std Std
Bracket lights - Std Std
Air-conditioner outlet - Std Std
Air inlet - Std Std
Hemp cloth pattern wallpaper finish - Std Std
Carpet floor - Std Std
Curtains (blackout & sheer curtains, wooden rails) * part of Furniture Set Opt Std
Small double beds (2) * part of Furniture Set Opt Std
Height adjustable pendant lights (2) - Std Std
Air-conditioner outlet - Std Std
Air inlet - Std Std
Room height : 110cm - Std Std
Carpet floor - Std Std
Reading lights - Std Std
LED lights - Std Std
Wood pattern interior wall 200,000 Opt Opt
High-grade wooden flooring 120,000 Opt Std
Leather chair made in the US 470,000 Opt Std
Aluminum box table made in the US 480,000 Opt Std
Aluminum trunk table made in the US 530,000 Opt Std
* [Furniture set]
curtains, sofa (leather), dining table & 4 chairs, 2 small double beds, refrigerator (300-liter, made in Japan)
850,000 Opt Std
Vinyl flooring (C.F. sheet) -180,000 Opt Opt
Built-in kitchen (w=180cm) with induction (IH) cooktop, fish grill - Std Std
Overhead cabinet - Std Std
Range hood - Std Std
Refrigerator (300-liter, made in Japan) * part of Furniture Set Opt Std
Bathroom (180cm x 180cm) with a bathtub and body-washing space, including a hand held showerhead and faucet (water/hot water) - Std Std
Barrier-free floor construction (no level-difference at bathroom door) - Std Std
Dressing room: Wooden counter and sink (3 bracket lights) - Std Std
Space for washing machine - Std Std
Flush toilet (with shower toilet function, heating toilet seat) - Std Std
Remote controller for bidet function 80,000 Opt Opt
Toilet paper holder - Std Std
Energy efficient floor heating (electric, 100V/200V)
(available from 10 sq.m. or more)
12,000 per sq.m. Opt Opt
Controller 65,000 Opt Opt
Heavy duty chassis (channel steel) - Std Std
Stepped chassis (patented) - Std Std
Axles with impact absorbing linkage - Std Std
2x4 construction (floor, wall, ceiling) - Std Std
Roof truss for resisting heavy snow - Std Std
Thermal insulation material for cold district (glass wool or Styrofoam) - Std Std
Galvalume roof - Std Std
6 tires for mobile home - Std Std
Detachable A-arm hitch - Std Std
50 ampere circuit breaker (8 branch circuits) - Std Std
NOTES: Specification may change due to makers' specifiation changes or supply situations of parts or materials. Photos shown in this page may include optional equipment and specifications, or props that are for photography purposes only. Colors shown may vary due to reproduction and printing processes. Floor plan images may include optional furniture or home appliances depicted as arrangement examples.
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