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House-type Mobile Home 'JOURNEY'

A new model equipped with "a rooftop" has emerged.

A model designed to enjoy outdoor leisure with pursuing comfortableness,

It is designed by Toshio Yamashita (a car designer), and developed on concepts of "a journey" and "to enjoy high place".

Never to go on trips with anyone you do not love.  - Ernest Hemingway -

Last Updated: July 1, 2017

"Glamping", "urban camp", "to look up at stars from a rooftop", "to set up a tent on a rooftop", and comfortable indoor space, a model which realizes all of these, "Journey" has emerged.
Released on March 17, 2017

A consept & images of development: "Thoughtful progress from things of old good days"
New trailer house "with a rooftop"
Stately exterior appearance with galvalume siding
Stylish marine lights are equipped.
Entrance door with mailbox
The handrail fence is 80 cm in height; to prevent children from falling down.
Waterproofing deck using M-wood (deck material)
It is possible to set up a tent on the rooftop. (size of a tent on the photo: 1.2m x 2m)
We acquired a patent for mobile home with a rooftop. (October, 2016)
Stylish and comfortable living space
Entrance door with mailbox / Shoe rack
LED ceiling lights, stylish bracket lights
Windows and a patio door are double glazing with Low-E glass.
Living room
120cm-wide kitchen with a ventilating fan
Induction cooking heater (1-burner) is standard.
Unit bathroom with a shower, bathtub, toilet and sink
The toilet has a heated seat and bidet function.
Wooden washbasin counter with a mirror
Bedroom space under a loft.
Loft ladder
Spacious loft
Doorway to the rooftop
[Furniture set]
Sofa and coffee table
[Furniture set]
Width-extendable bed
[Furniture set]
Floor heating
Furniture set:
a sofa and coffee table, a width-extendable bed (single/double) with drawers, curtains (blackout & sheer curtains, roll-down curtains for small windows), a refrigerator (120L)
Floor plan

Width 2.4 m / Length 9 m or 10 m

Model number: J924TR (length: 9 m)
Elevation: J924TR
Exterior Color Images
Classic Brown
Light Gray
Mocha Green
Modern Wine
"JOURNEY" Equipments and specifications   [House-type model with rooftop]
Standard: Std / Option: Opt
Model number J924TR J1024TR
Length x Width 9m x 2.4m 10m x 2.4m
Price (tax-excluded) / Unit: JPY 6,800,000 7,100,000
Price (tax-included) / Unit: JPY 7,344,000 7,668,000
Equipment Option unit-price
(Yen, tax-excluded)
Unfurnished Unfurnished
Galvalume siding - Std Std
Metal roof (galvalume) - Std Std
High-airtight window frames (sash), double-pane windows with Low-E glass - Std Std
Exterior marine lights (6) - Std Std
Front door with mailbox - Std Std
OPT Frontdoor awning 100,000 Opt Opt
Fiber cement siding 270,000 Opt Opt
Asphalt shingle roof 60,000 Opt Opt
Extra marine light 30,000 Opt Opt
Waterproofing outdoor outlet 10,000 Opt Opt
Wall cloth finish interior wall - Std Std
Vinyl flooring (C.F. sheet) - Std Std
LED ceiling lights - Std Std
Stylish bracket lights - Std Std
Wall outlets - Std Std
Air-conditioner outlet - Std Std
Patio door (double glazing with Low-E glass) - Std Std
Down lights (at bedroom space) - Std Std
Air inlet - Std Std
OPT Wood-pattern wall cloth (Comfort Wood) 80,000 Opt Opt
Wooden flooring 120,000 Opt Opt
Curtains (double (blackout & sheer) curtains, roll-down curtains for small windows) 270,000 Opt Opt
Width-extendable bed (single/double) with drawers 120,000 Opt Opt
Furniture Set
Curtains, sofa set (sofa & coffee table), width-extendable bed with drawers, refrigerator (120L)
360,000 Opt Opt
120cm-wide kitchen with 1-burner induction cooking heater and ventilating fan - Std Std
OPT Refrigerator (120L) 35,000 Opt Opt
Unit bathroom including a shower, bathtub, toilet and sink - Std Std
  Toilet with washlet function and toilet seat heater - Std Std
Wooden washbasin counter, with a mirror - Std Std
OPT Space for washing machine (water supply and drainage) 60,000 Opt Opt
Carpet flooring - Std Std
Loft ladder, wooden fence, small windows - Std Std
down lights - Std Std
Ventilating fan - Std Std
Door for rooftop - Std Std
OPT Stairs with a handrail 200,000 Opt Opt
Rooftop deck (waterproofing deck) - Std Std
Wooden handrail fence (height 80 cm) - Std Std
Waterproofing outlet - Std Std
Hooks for tent (2) - Std Std
OPT Aluminum handrail fence (height 80 cm) 900,000 Opt Opt
Extra waterproofing outlet 20,000 Opt Opt
Extra hook for tent 15,000 Opt Opt
40 amp circuit breaker (6 branch circuits) (made in Japan) - Std Std
OPT 50 amp circuit breaker (8 branch circuits) (made in Japan) 54,000 Opt Opt
Floor heating (electric, 100V/200V)
(available from 10 sq.m. or more)
12,000 per sq.m. Opt Opt
Controller for floor heating 65,000 Opt Opt
Air-conditioner (made in Japan) 120,000 Opt Opt
Propane gas water heater (made in Japan) 130,000 Opt Opt
2x4 structure - Std Std
100mm-thick heat insulating material - Std Std
Heavy duty chassis (channel steel) - Std Std
Stepped chassis (patented) - Std Std
Axles with impact absorbing linkage - Std Std
Tires for mobile home - Std Std
Dimension: body length x body width - 9m x 2.4m 10m x 2.4m
Overall length (including a hitch and eaves) x overall width (including eaves) - 10.1m x 2.49m 11.1m x 2.49m
Overall height (from ground) - 3.8m 3.8m
NOTES: Specification may change due to makers' specifiation changes or supply situations of parts or materials. Photos shown in this page may include optional equipment and specifications, or props that are for photography purposes only. Colors shown may vary due to reproduction and printing processes. Floor plan images may include optional furniture or home appliances depicted as arrangement examples.
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