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337-1 Minaminagaike, Nagano-shi, Nagano, JAPAN
Head factory
Minaminagaike, Nagano-shi, Nagano, JAPAN
Asano, Toyono-machi, Nagano-shi, Nagano, JAPAN
Cooperative factory
Tonodo, Aoki-mura, Chiisagata-gun, Nagano, JAPAN
January, 1995
10,000,000 yen
20 employees
As of October, 2018

Cumberland Japan was founded in 1994 and had imported and sold RVs made in the United States. Since 2006, we have worked on designing, manufacturing and sale of mobile homes consistently at the current head office (Nagano, Japan), aiming at the best mobile home in the world.

I got a feeling of the frontier spirit from this new products called trailer house (mobile home). I believe that learning from the world's technology and developing top quality mobile homes in the world with a theme "mobile" will lead to development of a new market in future Japan. And I certainly believe that we can suggest new lifestyles to many people.

Hideyo Harada
Representative Director

We have the largest exhibition site in Japan and domestic leading sales results.
We are manufacturing sturdy products which can withstand Japanese severe climate, such as coldness or heavy snowfall, etc. We also manufacture custom-order products by our long-time experience and technique.

Trailer houses are used throughout Japan for various uses, from personal uses such as a vacation house, a detached room or a room for family care, to business uses such as offices, shops, accommodation and so on. And also, at time of disaster, they are utilized in affected areas.

For owners' safe use, we have joined Japan Recreational Vehicle Importers' Association (JRVIA) which crates standards in Japan related to RV, and we are working on this business aiming at the best mobile home. And also, we participate in town revitalization projects, disaster recovery projects, events, etc., and work hard to contribute to societies.

Corporate History
Cumberland Japan was founded in June 1994 in Nagano, Japan, as a company which manufactured trailer houses in the U.S. and sold in Japan. And it was incorporated in January, 1995.
We provided mobile homes to the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, and also to stricken areas of the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake and of the Fukuoka Offshore Earthquake. We opened a guest house at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. At the great disasters of the Niigata Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake in 2007 and the Tohoku Earthquake in March 2011, we have been working on early revival with disaster victims and local governments. In 2007 autumn, we started making a sales agents network to promote mobile homes throughout Japan.

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1994 June

Cumberland Japan was founded.


Started the production of the tie-up original models with U.S. Damon Corp.

Started the production of the tie-up original models with U.S. Casa Villa.

Designed our original model 'type 1240' (current model 'Elite'), started the production.

1995 January

Cumberland Japan was incorporated.


Visited the United States as a member of the Kobe housing relief mission.


Suggested mobile homes as temporary dwellings at the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake disaster. Delivered mobile homes to a Honda dealer in Kobe.

1996 February

Started the production of the tie-up original model with U.S. HARMAR Corp.


Joined Japan Recreational Vehicle Importer's Association (JRVIA).

1997 June

Invested to U.S. Park West and started manufacture of original model.


Started the sale of portable flush toilet, Movelet, for disaster countermeasure use.

1998 February

Provided 10 mobile homes, model Elite, for Nagano Station East Gate Olympic Plaza/Welcome Village at Nagano Winter Olympics.


Affiliated with U.S. CAVCO Industries Inc., and started import and sale.

Acquired the dealer right of U.S. Fleetwood RV, Inc. in the United States.


Acquired the sale license of the Salt Lake Olympics products.

1999 December

Were appointed to a board member of JRVIA.

2000 February

Were elected a chairman of the park section of JRVIA.


Moved our head office to 337-1 Minami-Nagaike, Nagano city.

2001 January

Opened the exhibit area of the head office.

2002 January

Started the sale of products of the Salt Lake Olympics.

Opened a guest house "NAGANO HOUSE" at the Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

2003 May

Acquired the manufacture and sale licenses of the 2005 Nagano Winter Special Olympics products.

2004 February

Started the manufacture of Cumberland Japan mobile homes in Japan.


Models for Japan, "Royal", "Club", "Elite", "Meister" were released.

2005 February

Opened a guest house of International Therapy Dog Association at 2005 Nagano Winter Special Olympics.


Provided mobile homes at special prices to companies in the stricken area of the Fukuoka Prefecture Western Offshore Earthquake.

Became a member of Japan Auto Camping Federation.

Concluded the technical collaboration agreement with the Chinese (Beijing) special vehicle maker.


Constructed the production technology of log mobile home and started the manufacture and sale.


The operational document of installation standards was drawn up by JRVIA.

2006 April

Started manufacture and exhibition of mobile homes at Toyono, Nagano-city.


Our director was installed as the representative of the U.S. DBJ Consultant Inc.

2007 July

The number of our sales agency in Japan exceeded 11 companies.


Exhibited our products at the energy-saving housing/disaster prevention fair (at Nagano Big Hat, the Olympics arena of figure skating).


Delivered mobile homes to the promotion association in Kashiwazaki-shi Niigata for revival of a shopping street and received the letter of appreciation.

Did volunteer work for revival of Kashiwazaki-shi shopping street.

Enlarged the factory in Toyono and started manufacture.

2008 January

The number of sales agency in Japan exceeded 20 companies.


Started the sale of "Breckenridge".

Started the sale of cargo trailer "V-nose".

RV utilization seminar was held by JRVIA.


Acquired an authorization by the management innovation laws, and received support to mobile homes for elderly people/barrier-free.


A subsidy grant for local-industry activation business (mobile home of Hinoki (cypress) from Shinshu) was decided and we started development.


Narrow-width models, "Queen" and "Catarina", were released.


Exhibited a new model and gave a lecture of mobile home utilization at time of disaster, at Earthquake Early Warning seminar.

Nagano local-industry activation subsidy business, mobile home of Kiso(shinshu) hinoki, was released.

Developed structure of barrier free for mobile home, and applied for a patent.

2009 January

Developed special structure of floor heater of mobile home, and applied for a patent.


The number of sales agency in Japan exceeded 30 companies.

Concluded a corporation partner contract for agriculture support of UAE.


Delivered 4 custom-order mobile homes to a river-side sports facilities "Waterside Sports Garden", a public river enterprise of Tokyo Edogawa-ku.


A new shop model "B-Shop" was released.


JRVIA RV utilization seminar was held at M-Wave, the Olympics memorial arena.

Sewage circulation processing system was fitted to mobile home, and released.


The number of sales agency in Japan exceeded 40 companies.

2010 April

Acquired Japanese licence of travel trailer "Tango", and started sales.


A new Catarina was released.


Were adopted as a reclamation promotion company of a metropolitan area sale channel by Nagano prefecture.

2011 January

Tokyo branch office was opened. (Hachioji-shi, Tokyo)


A construction of a new factory was decided. (Nagano-shi Minami-nagaike industrial complex)


Manufacture and sale of a house-type model "Premium" was started.

6 mobile homes were installed in stricken areas of the Tohoku Earthquake. (Ofunato, Ishinomaki, Kesennuma, etc.)


The number of sales agency in Japan exceeded 50 companies.


Exhibited a shop-type mobile home at 2011 disaster prevention fair (Cabinet Office sponsorship), at the Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park.


Joint development of Smart Life Care Trailer with ITOCHU Corporation, NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd. etc. was announced.


Were selected as a finalist of Innovation Award at CEATEC JAPAN 2011.


The number of mobile home installed in the stricken areas exceeded 50.

2012 January

Three Smart Life Care Trailers were installed in adjoining area of Kesennuma-shi Miyagi temporary housing.

Started quake victim support by tie-up with Mr. Kuniaki Shimizu.


A house-type "Land Bridge", which has functionality that was learned from disaster, was released.


The head office factory was completed and started its operation.


A large-size accommodation model "B-B Palace" was released.


A small-size shop model "V-Terrace" was released.


Nondisclosure agreement with Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. was concluded.

Delivered and installed 24 sets of B-B Palace and 6 sets of Elite to the Lodging Village "El faro" in Onagawa-cho, Miyagi.

2013 January

Acquired authorization of Nagano Prefecture "new business pioneer"(a certified company of the priority order business in Shinshu venture companies.).

Following the institution of "authorization of standard relaxation" (the notification from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport/Department of Motor Vehicles), we started acquiring the authorization for all of our products.


A small-size shop model "V-Terrace" was released.


The number of sales agency in Japan exceeded 80 companies.


Started service of an automobile liability for damage insurance as an agency of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance.

Started service of life insurance, as an agency of Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Company, Limited.

Concluded a contract for business with RESCUE LIFE JAPAN. Service of Crustal Deformation around the Pacific rim.


Cooperated with Public Interest Incorporated Association of Mobile Hospital International, started Mobile Medical Treatment.

2014 January

Acquired the utility model on special structure of floor-heating for mobile home.


Delivered a two-story mobile home to Tokyo Metropolitan University, for Disaster Response and Preparedness Study Project.

Acquired the patent of chassis structure for barrier-free floor on a mobile home.


A small accommodation model "Comfort Cabin" was released.


Suggested a disaster prevention system using RVs, as a core member of Disaster Response and Preparedness Study Project (Tokyo Metropolitan University).

2015 March

Participated in the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Sendai in association with Natori Reconstruction Support Association and Tokyo Metropolitan University.


Concluded a conception of an RV park project with Rescue Vehicle Park Inc. and installation in Kawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi was decided.


Announced a 20th anniversary model, Nostalgia, designed by Yamashita Toshio, a car designer.


Made a joint project contract of Rescue Vehicle Park in Kawaguchiko and installed 10 mobile homes.

Acquired a patent to a waterproof construction technique for eaves with small overhangs.

2016 February

Acquired a utility model to an additional technique for waterproof construction for eaves with small overhangs.


Installed 24 mobile homes as shelter facilities etc. in an affected area of the Kumamoto Earthquake.


Acquired a patent to a trailer house which has a rooftop.

2017 March

Model "Journey", a mobile home with a rooftop, was launched.

Started a collaborative research (a new comprehensive disaster prevention research project) with Tokyo Metropolitan University.

September Our company representative was selected as a representative of the Koshin-etsu region of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Japan.
November Participated in EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Japan.
2018 February Started commissioning manufacture at factories in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Shizuoka and Yamanashi.
July Applied for an international patent for a trailer house with a rooftop
September Installed nine units as temporary housing etc. at the western Japan heavy rain disaster.
October We are proceeding response in order to install as individual temporary housing at the Hokkaido eastern Iburi earthquake.
As of October, 2018

Head office showroom

Head office
exhibition area 1

Head office
exhibition area 2

Head office factory

Toyono factory

Aoki factory

There are many historic counties called "Cumberland" in the world, and also there was a stylish mobile home "CUMBERLAND" in the U.S.. We thought it was a good name to make a history of trailer houses in Japan, and named our company "CUMBERLAND JAPAN".

The logo expresses a tree (leaves and a trunk), designed with "C" and "L" of CUMBERLAND in tender violet color, to mean the harmony with nature.

  • Australia: Cumberland County / New South Wales
  • U.K.: Cumberland (one of 39 traditional counties of England, which was merged with a part of Westmorland and Lancashire in 1974)
  • Canada: Cumberland County / Nova Scotia
  • U.S.A.: Cumberland County / Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, New York (The historic county in Province of New York which became a part of Vermont later.)
  • Cumberland Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Head Office Showroom: 337-1 Minaminagaike, Nagano-shi, Nagano 381-0024, JAPAN
  • TEL: 026-221-9997
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By Car:
5-minute drive from the Suzaka Nagano-Higashi Interchange on the Joshinetsu Expressway.
By Train and Bus:
20 minutes by bus from JR Nagano Station.
(Take a Nagano-Dentetsu bus at a bus-stop at the East Gate of Nagano Station. Get off at the "M-Wave mae" bus stop.)
Future action
  • Developing mobile homes for disaster countermeasure
  • Developing mobile homes for nursing care
  • Expanding factories in Japan
  • Investing know-how we have got in the U.S. to the foreign countries
  • Expansion of sales agents
  • Support of animal protection business and management of related business
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