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We found mobile homes in the U.S. in 1994, and we started manufacturing in Japan in 2004. We develop and review our products day by day, aiming at "high quality and stylish products".

We put importance on "safety and comfortableness", we will respond to various sizes of products and also develop a new model.

All of the staff make all possible efforts to deliver our best products to you.

Please enjoy Cumberland series.

Last Updated: October 17, 2017
June, 2017:  Our new factory started operation.
We held a completion ceremony of the new factory and started operation. The factory is located right next to the head office, in Nagano industrial park.
By the operation of the new head office factory, productive capacity went up to 500 units a year.
* Trailer houses are "factory production type transportable shops/houses" that are manufactured to meet certain structural requirements. Our products satisfy the structure standards of Japan Recreational Vehicle Importers' Association.
the head office factory
24-meter booths
24-meter booths
12-meter booths
A completion ceremony was held.
House type models: Please consult us for your requests on interior design, finish, fixtures and fittings, etc.
a kitchen, flooring, curtains, etc. loft and stairs, lighting fixtures, etc. window sash, bracket lights entrance space, entrance lighting furniture, air-conditioner
Shop type models: Please consult us for designing and manufacturing meeting to your requests.
11-meter long ramen shop
kitchen of a ramen shop
interior construction
making of a counter and partition wall
kitchen and kitchen equipment
special structure + barrier-free
a roof which receives sunlight
installation of shower booths
a shower room model for handicapped persons
(for sports facilities)
Basic structure:   Every products are made carefully at the factories in Nagano.
accurate measurements
and building work
orderly floor structure
waterproof sheet
the factory in Ueda
sturdy truss structure
double-layered floor structure
fiber-cement siding
exterior painting
vinyl siding
resin sash windows with grids and argon gas fill
double-glazed windows
Eaves and porch lights are made in consideration of transporting.
Basic of log structure
It uses timbers with few distortions.
interior of a log model
It is built by the notch construction method.
It is constructed with consideration of settling of logs.
We place importance on finish retaining feeling of logs.
Cumberland Japan's premium chassis
We use premium chassis that we developed with our long time experience of manufacturing trailer houses. They are sturdy and they secure high stability when installed.
Stock of chassis:
Chassis in various sizes are stocked.
Premium chassis:
We started from development of special chassis.
Premium chassis:
They are flexible and durable.
Chassis of US standard:
Distortion could occur if bearing walls are heavy.
Trial chassis made in China: They had problems in weight, strength of welded joints, load capacity of axles and tires.
Patent application: Barrier-free for trailer house
March, 2014, patent acquired
We developed a special processing technique for chassis.
It enables to eliminate a level difference between a bathroom and an outside floor.
a level difference at a bathroom door, in a standard model
the floor where a level difference was eliminated
Patent application: Floor heating system for trailer house
September, 2013, utility model aquired
floor heating for trailer house
It makes the indoor comfortable even in a cold season, and reduces air drying than using an air-conditioner.
- utilization of hinoki cypress (utilization of local-grown materials),
- development of new models,
- special roof, etc.,
we are working on developing products.
Visited to a factory of a US trailer house manufacturer. (2007)
To learn about manufacturing of a US manufacturer and goodness of US products, twelve staffs in charge of each section, such as structural design, electrical works, painting, housing equipment, etc., visited a US trailer house manufacturer. We discussed about each section, in consideration of difference of environment and culture between the US and Japan.
an exhibition in the US (2007)

staff meeting
a discussion to make better products

debating to understand
construction of a roof
making of a framing
installation of insulation material for floor
mass production at a factory
inspection and cleaning
a commemorative photo
Manufacturing in the United States (in Los Angeles, around 2002)
With our experience in manufacturing products for Japan with the US makers, we had manufactured products that surpassed the US manufacturing standards and we had shipped them to Japan.
Manufacturing at Los Angeles
R-13 insulation
an American carpenter
stylish windows
belts uniquely applied to trailer houses
structure that satisfies ANSI 119.5 standard
siding finish
caulking and exterior painting

Finished products were shipped to Japan.
Technical guidance to a Chinese major mobile home maker (in 2006)
Technical instruction to a company in China
A trial product made at the factory in China
The factory
The Chinese partner company
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