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Examples of usage of mobile homes in Japan
1. Personal use
Uses for a vacation house, a guest room, a child's room, etc.
Mobile homes are used variously by each owner, for family's recreation, personal hobby, etc. Demand as a room for family care is also increasing recently.
2. Rental business to events etc.
"the Nagano Station East Gate Welcome Village", during 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics
as a reception and office at an outdoor event
(photo: a music event, the Country Music Stampede)
as temporary offices until a new office building is completed
as trial shops for situation grasp before starting business
3. Business use
Uses for business, such as an office, a coffee shop, a hair salon, a laungromat, a grooming shop, etc.
It is comparatively easy to negotiate with a landowner because mobile homes are not buildings. Also, mobile homes can be leased as leased properties, and they are easy to reuse or resale in case of office relocation or business slump.
4. Accommodations in large amusement parks etc.
For example in case of a family of five, two rooms would be required usually for stay at a hotel. But if at a mobile home, five people can stay in one mobile home together.
5. Utilization at a time of a disaster
At earthquakes that struck Japan in late years, mobile homes have been used for reconstruction of affected towns, for example as temporary dwellings, shops and meeting places of neighborhood self-governing bodies, etc.
mobile homes which were installed in affected area of the Niigata Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake, for reconstruction of the town
Ishinomaki Reconstruction Marche (a fresh food market)
the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
restarting hotels which were stricken by tsunami
the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Further utilization
6. Accommodations for recreation, long vacations or long stay
Mobile homes have comfortable and full facilities and equipment in comparison with bungalows at camping sites, so they are expected to attract customers.
at a camping resort
a living room
a kitchen
a bathroom
7. Utilization in particular areas (such as where buried objects like fossils are possible to exist)
In areas where buried objects like fossils may exist, fossils often come up when land is dug to construct building foundations, and it disturbs development of the areas. Mobile homes are usable in such areas.
8. Utilization in depopulated areas
Depopulation is a serious problem in countryside of Japan, and some local governments are addressing depopulation measures.
In areas full of nature, mobile homes are used for town revitalization and promotion with considering for nature.
Depopulation countermeasures projects that private enterprises cooperate on are increasing recently, too.
9. RV resort business at national parks or public campgrounds
Utilization for RV parks at national parks or public campgrounds
an RV park in the U.S.
10. Study of the U.S.'s utilization cases at disasters by Japanese government
Based on the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, an examination document of utilization cases in the U.S. was drawn up and utilization method at disaster in Japan have been studied.
Utilizations at time of disasters have gradually made progress since the Niigata Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake.
11. Utilization as shelters at time of disaster by individuals or companies
Use of mobile homes in purpose of using them as lodging facilities, guest rooms, shower rooms or rest rooms, etc. in normal times and using them for citizens or employees in an emergency is increasing.
utilization by manicipal government

The mobile homes are used as local specialty shops and an information center. They will be utilized for citizens when a disaster occurs. (Shiojiri, Nagano)
utilization by private business

These trailer houses were installed as cottages, in a redevelopment project of a golf course in Shimane. Use when a disaster occur around the resort is also assumed.
public sports facilities

These are shower/toilet room mobile homes which were installed at a riverside sports park in Edogawa, Tokyo. Removal at time of river flooding and utilization for citizens at time of disaster are also assumed.
monument of the revival from an earthquake disaster

These were used as an initial base of reconstruction of a local shopping street in Kashiwazaki, Niigata, which was affected by an earthquake.
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