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Head Office and Showroom
We are aiming at sturdy and stylish mobile homes.
We sell safe and reliable mobile homes.
Barrier-free and floor-heating are very popular!
Last Updated: November 1, 2018
After the Great East Japan Earthquake, our mobile homes which are particular about security and safety are utilized for early reconstruction from disasters occuring many places in Japan.  >> Utilization at Disaster
Also, for example country life, Kleingarten, etc., we recommend mobile homes for utilization of unused land.
As for road transport of a large-sized mobile home, it is required to receive an authorization of standards relaxation and to obtain traffic permission for special vehicle, since December 2013.
It takes about 2 months to get the authorization and permission. We would appreciate your understanding.
September 8, 2018:  
Provided mobile homes for temporary houses for a heavy rain disaster in western Japan.
In July 2018, record-braking heavy rain hit western Japan. Mabi-cho, Okayama was seriously damaged by river flood because of the heavy rain. We visited the area in July, received a request of delivery in early August, started transport from 16th, and finished carrying in on 22nd.
temporary housing
carry-in work
Sep. 8, opening cereomny
Mobile homes are orderly installed.
Approaches to raise awareness of disaster prevention with having fun at comfortable park facilities or lodging facilities, which are promoted by local governments, resort management companies, etc.
a hotel using 40 mobile homes in Onagawa cho, Miyagi;
Reconstruction from an earthquake disasiter
redevelopment of unused land of a major resort company
(April, Yamanashi)
outdoor recreation facilities using unused land of a town
(May, Kochi)
An elderly nursing home started operation on city-owned land.
(July, Nagano)
A moving library and a shop that provides meals using preserved food are operated at a city public park. (Sep., Fukuoka)
Showroom information    November, 2018
Because all of large house-type models were shipped for the western Japan heavy rain disaster and the Hokkaido eastern Iburi earthquake, models being exhibited now are eight units;
"Nostalgia, Comfort Cabin, Elite, B-shop, Catalina, Meister, Sky (with rooftop)", etc.
"Royal, Club, Premium" are going to exhibited in the end of December.
337-1 Minaminagaike, Nagano-shi, Nagano 381-0024, Japan
Main office
Exhibition area
Exhibition area
ROYAL double-loft
(house-type model)
• Popular large-size model
(house-type model)
• Model designed to suit Japanese lifestyle
(house-type model)
• 2 separate rooms in one
• Suitable for accommodation use
(house-type model)
• New model which has a rooftop deck
(Shop-type model)
• Popular classic model of shop-type; being utilized for various business all over Japan.
(Shop-type model)
• Popular model for its roof shape and also reasonable price
(Shop-type model)
• Choosable from various sizes
October 11, 2017:  
Nominated for the Koshinetsu region award of "EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Japan".
Our company president was nominated for a finalist of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Japan in the Koshin-etsu region, and he was selected as the Koshin-etsu region representative.
Participated in EOY2017Japan in the Koshin-etsu region.
Made the final presentation.
Scene of the presentaion
The nominees and the judges
Our company president participates in EOY 2017 Japan as the Koshin-etsu region representative in November.
September 17-18, 2017:  
A shop-type model with rooftop deck was used as a media center at 2017 Slackline World Cup Japan.
The World Cup was very exciting! Over 30000 people in total visited.
It is used as a managing office and media center.
Shop-type model with rooftop deck
Management and operation office of the World Cup
Watching and cheering performances, from the rooftop
September 10, 2017:  
Exhibited a mobile home at "Disaster Prevention Motor Show". (At the TOKYO RINKAI Disaster Prevention Park)
Disaster Prevention Motor Show,
visited by about 2200 people.
We exhibited a house-type model with rooftop deck.
Many people visited us. The rooftop deck was especially popular to children.
There were various vehicles, such as fire-fighting vehicles, police cars, disaster prevention vehicles of MLIT, etc.
August 3, 2017:  "Hotel -El faro-"   The completion ceremony was held.

The accommodation facility was opened in August 5.

The members concerned of El faro and also the town mayor, the chairman of the town council, etc. cut the ribbon at the last of the completion ceremony.
At Parque (central square).
The concerned members of El faro
Manager of El faro and leading members
A lot of the press also gathered.
Program of the ceremony.
We received an appreciation letter.
The full view of new El faro which has a charm of irregularity
Such as installing signposts, it is designed to be easy to walk around inside of the facility.
New brochure
Earlier design images
It is a beautiful town with view of the coastline from Onagawa Station.
March 17, 2017:  New model with rooftop deck, "Journey" has been released.
2017 new model
The first mobile home with rooftop deck in Japan
A new space of recreation and relaxation was created in a mobile home.
Going up onto the rooftop deck
Patent aquired
October, 2016:  We developed a mobile home with a rooftop deck and aquired the patent.
September, 2016: 
Mobile homes were used as shelter facilities in an affected area of the Kumamoto Earthquake.
Mobile homes were installed in Mashiki-machi, one of the most damaged area by the earthquake, and used as shelter facilities from May to the end of August.
The shelter of mobile homes opened in May.
30 mobile homes were installed at a prefecture-owned land of Kumamoto.
Consideration for victims to be able to live with feeling secure is necessary.
The circumstance in the shelters has settled down little by little, and a barbecue event by residents was held in August.
All mobile homes were carried out in September 5.
May, 2016:  We delivered and installed mobile homes in Kumamoto-shi and Mashiki-machi.
Mobile homes are being used as places of support activities for the disaster areas.
Preparation for departure from Nagano, transport of the 10th mobile home
A mobile home installed at a back side of a sports gymnasium of Mashiki-machi and used by a welfare organization
A meeting with persons in charge of disaster response of Cabinet Office and of Mashiki-machi, etc.
Mobile homes used for emergency medical care; at a social health center
Preparing for installation of 30 mobile homes
Photos of Installation Examples       >> More photos (Go to Japanese Page)
Mobile Homes which are movable, resellable and eco-friendly are gradually recognized and spreading in Japan.
Cumberland Japan's mobile homes are being utilized at various places in Japan!
Public works, RV parks, meeting rooms of stricken areas, temporary shops, medical facilities, hair salons, houses, etc.
Second house for a daughter's family, which was installed near their parents' house.
Car repair shop
Kids' Room of a restaurant
Resting place and Cafe in a cow farm
Bath trailer for elderly day care
Cottage in municipal campsite (Suzu-shi, Ishikawa)
Futsal clubhouse
Futsal clubhouse (reception desk, shower room & locker room)
Dog grooming shop
Facilities of Natural Environment Office (Kushiro, Hokkaido)
Facilities of municipal sports ground (Katsushika, Tokyo)
Detached room of home
Ishinomaki Fukkou Marché: Vegetable&fish shops, restaurant
The 50's Cafe;
special interior on owner's request
Relaxation salon (facial, hand and foot massage)
Company's welfare facilities
Office of fishermen's cooperative in damaged area
Hair salon
Vacation house on lake side
Examples of Interior finishing and Owners' ideas
Wooden interior wall
Custom-order for restaurant; Japanese style seats
"Red" color interior at owner's request
Special model of Japanese-taste exterior (use for public facility)
Custom-order model for cottage; wooden siding finish
Wooden interior wall:
Yellow & Black
Different coloring in same design: Blue & White, White & Brown
A standard model can de very stylish by owner's ideas!
30 November, 2015:  RV Park for disaster response was opened. (> NPO Kawaguchiko Shizen Gakkou)
An RV Park was opened in Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi. This RV Park is intended to utilize mobile homes for local revitalization in a normal period and to move them to affected areas promptly to support relief activities and evacuation lives at time of disaster.
Opening ceremony
Participants and news media
The sign of the RV Park was made by chainsaw carving by Mr. Kuniaki Shimizu.
Prior inspection by a member of the House of Representatives
An RV seminar was held. It gathered many participants and local goverments.
A demonstration and training by specialists in lifesaving was also held in the seminar.
Mobile homes are in a state of capable to dispatch anytime.
October, 2015:  New model, "Nostalgia" was released.
Announcement of 20th anniversary model
Mr. Kuniaki Shimizu; CLJ President; Designer Toshio Yamashita
Many customers and news media gathered for the ceremony.
Dealers across Japan also participated.
A newspaper article dated October 10
October, 2015:  We held RV Utilization Seminar in Nagano.
(Supported by: Director General for Disaster Management of Cabinet Office; Japan Organization for Internal Migration; Nagano Prefecture; NPO Kawaguchiko Shizen Gakkou; Natori Reconstruction Support Association)
Local revitalization by utilizing RVs such as trailer house in order to easily construct a place for migration, and a system and infrastructure for utilizing the RVs when disaster occurs, etc. were explained. Talks by specialists and a discussion by trailer house companies were also held.
The seminar was attended by about 50 participants from companies, members of Nagano prefectural assembly, Nagano prefecture crisis management disaster prevention division, construction division, and so on.
Mr. Shunsuke Mutai, a Diet member, also participated as an expert on disaster prevention.
Professor Toshio Yamashita talked from the viewpoint of disaster prevention of Tokyo.
Mr. Kuniaki Shimizu who has a lot of experience on disaster prevention activities
Discussion with companies who are involved in trailer house business
July, 2015:  Food Plaza in a Service Area on Tomei Expressway
A food plaza using mobile homes was opened in Ebina Service Area on Tomei Expressway. Unique and delicious food, sweets and drinks are sold there.
July, 2015:
Made presentation to local governments in an exchange meeting on internal migration.
Suggestion of utilization of comfortable mobile homes for attracting urban people to the country and introduction of case examples. Such as utilization for trial stay, camping, etc., and also utilization at time of disaster.
April 18, 2015: 
Mobile homes were set up in a service area on an expressway for camping accommodations.
A recreational place where people can enjoy barbeque and camping has appeared in the Ashigara Service Area on the Tomei Expressway. This camping site is operated by a group company of FUJI KYUKO and it is an innovative project that makes utilization of idle land. It is opened for a limited period until the end of May, and after that, it will be moved to a camping resort and used.
Six mobile homes were installed.
Installed in a lawn area of SA.
The mobile homes will be moved out and used at another place after the end of May.
March 14-18, 2015:
Exhibited at Public Forum exhibition booth of the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) and Natori Reconstruction Support Association (NRSA) exhibited their study about Off-grid trailer house for community base at time of disaster. We suggested disaster recovery by utilizing mobile homes.
At Sendai Mediatheque
Exhibit by TMU and NRSA:
a system of off-grid trailer house base, 1/20 scale model, etc.
Disaster damage situations in Tohoku were displayed.
Many seminars were also being held.
There were exhibits from all over the world.
November 12-16, 2014:
Made an observation tour to study utilization of RVs for disaster measures in the United States.
Visited Office of Emergency Management to see their disaster response and trainings and so on.
Participated in a training session of Community Emergency Response Team.
Trailers for emergency
Visit to RED CROSS
Visit to RV parks
March 7, 2014: 
Aquired a patent for chassis which has level difference.
By making a level-difference on a chassis, it is enable to widen indoor space of a mobile home which has hight limitation, and also to make barrier-free floor.
September 11, 2013: 
Aquired a utility model for floor heating system for mobile home.
Utility model
July 26 - August 3, 2014:  Held Mobile Home Exhibition at our head office exhibition site.
August 1, 2014:  Held RV Utilization Seminar.
Mobile home exhibition
We would like to sincerely thank for many visits to the exhibition.
New house-type model
New house-type model
examples of practical use in the USA
RV Seminar: Explanation of utilization in the US
examples of practical use in affected area in Japan
Utilization cases in affected areas in Japan
Gave presentations on utilization of mobile homes and disaster prevention to local governments.
July, 2014: At Japan Center for Regional Development
50 participants
Examples of utilization by local governments
Examples of utilization in disaster stricken areas
April, 2014: At Zenkoku Chosonkaikan
120 participants
Usages in normal period and at time disaster occurs
March, 2014:
Delivered a product that aims at disaster prevention to Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU).
This product is a two-story type, sized exterior length 8m X exterior width 2.5m X height 3.8m (5.3m). The upstairs part can be folded when transporting. When the upstairs part is unfolded, the second floor feels like inside a comfortable tent.
TMU began serious research on disaster response and early recovery by utilizing RVs such as trailer houses, as new disaster preparedness.
testing raising and lowering the frame of upstairs part
Testing raising and lowering the frame of upstairs part
a traveling test in a folding state of upstairs part
Traveling test in a state that the upstairs part is folded
arrived at the university
After arriving at the university, we raised the upstairs part and checked condition of the mobile home.
finshed unfolding the deck and upstairs part
Unfolding work of the deck and upstairs part is finished. It will be used for study of disaster response.
February, 2014: 
A meeting for research and countermeasure of an epicentral earthquake in Tokyo metropolitan area was held by a study team from Tokyo Metropolitan University.
The meeting was held at the Onagawa-cho town office, one of affected areas of the Tohoku earthquake.
Thanks to cooperation of the town, participants from local governments also joined the meeting.
Situations in the affected areas was reported, too. It is important not to forget the earthquake.
To actualize utilization of mobile products as one of disaster countermeasures becomes an issue.
October, 2013:  New house-type model, "Comfort Cabin" was released.
Comfort Cabin is a small model of 2.4 m width, which satisfies Japanese standards of fireproofing, ventilation air-intake, daylighting, etc. 
>> Product page of "Comfort Cabin"
Model number: CC824 Comfortable studio type
July 11, 2013:  Gave a lecture at JOIN exchange meeting.
We made a lecture presentation to local governments about utilization of mobile homes for two-area habitation, local interaction, and also disaster preparedness.
We explained method of utilizing and stockpiling as movable shops/houses, for example, installing mobile homes in idle land or campsites to attract customers, to promote migration or to provide a place for communication among local residents, and when a disaster occurs, using them to support early recovery.
April 25, 2013: 
Gave a lecture about utilization of mobile homes at JOIN meeting. (Japan Organization for Internal Migration)
More than 130 people from local governments and corporate members participated.
Suggestion of an RV park conception and the disaster prevention stockpile
Necessity of utilization of RVs in stricken areas after an disaster outbreak
Triggered by the 3.11 earthquake, studies with many organizations are making progress.
Advantages and disadvantages of mobile homes
April, 2013:  Four mobile homes were installed in a campsite in a stricken area. (Yamada-machi, Iwate)
Our first visit to Yamada-machi was three months later from the Tohoku Earthquake occured. 2 years have passed since the earthquake. Hard days are still continuing in stricken areas, but reconstruction are making progress little by little and definitely.
December, 2012:  "Lodging Village -El faro-" was opened in a disaster stricken area. (Onagawa-cho, Miyagi)
The lodging facility with 48 guest rooms which was comprised of 30 mobile homes (24 units of B-B Palace (accommodation model) and 6 units of Elite (shop model)) was opened on December 27.
It was opened before the year end in order that families of disaster victims could stay during the year-end and New Year season.
Image of completion (60 guest rooms)
Central deck completion
Colorful guest rooms (48 rooms) & restaurants
An examination by a fire department has also completed.
Component style deck. Easy to move.
November 23, 2012: 
Exhibited mobile homes at "JOIN Internal Migration Event 2012". (Hosted by Japan Organization for Internal Migration)
We exhibited new small-size shop model and house model.
A talk show by Mr. Kuniaki Shimizu (JOIN ambassador) and our company president about disaster preparedness and two-area habitation by utilizing mobile homes was also held.
New small-size models
Talk show about disaster preparedness and two-area habitation
Cases of practical uses of mobile homes
August, 2012: 
New model "B-B Palace" (accommodation model) was released.
This model is suitable for accommodation use. It has two separate rooms and each room has own entrance and bathroom.

>> Product page of "B-B Palace"
June 25, 2012:  Head office factory started operation. (Completion ceremony was held.)
Two booths for special models
Four booths for standard models
Completion ceremony. We prayed for safety of all parties concerned.
Operation of the factory started.
January, 2012:  "Kesennuma -KIZUNA- Project" (Set up a community center of mobile homes.)
Hosted by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Consortium: NPO Kawaguchiko Shizen Gakkou; TEIJIN Limited; Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; Cumberland Japan Inc.
27th, Symposium: Mr. Kuniaki Shimizu, Accenture Japan Ltd. and Cumberland Japan gave lectures about disaster countermeasure in each standpoint.
28th, Opening Ceremony: Many people including the mayor of Kesennuma-shi participated in spite of frigid weather.
Three mobile homes was installed beside emergency temporary housings.
A speech of the mayor
Mochi-tsuki event was held.
Symposium: talking about utilization of mobile homes, etc.
October, 2011:  Exhibited at "CEATEC JAPAN 2011".

We exhibited "Smart Life Trailer" which was a project cooperated with Nissan motor Co., Ltd. and Itochu Corp., etc.

Nominated for finalists of the US Media Panel Innovation Awards.

"Smart Life Care" was nominated as one of finalists of the Innovation Awards. (30 out of 590 exhibitor companies)

CEATEC JAPAN 2011 gathered 170 thousand visitors during 5 days.
Smart Community Stage area
Solar panels, storage battery, remote control electric car and mobile home
Photo of when nominated for the finalist of the Innovation Award
List of cooperative companies
Finalist shield
Stage Presentation at CEATEC JAPAN 2011
A lecture presentation by Life Care Division of Itochu Corp., Kochi Organization for Medical Reformation and Renewal, and Cumberland Japan
Explanation about Smart Grid on medical care, by Itochu Life Care Division
About the latest medical care and its future, by a president of Kochi Organization for Medical Reformation and Renewal
Cases of RV utilization in stricken areas of foreign country (the U.S.)
Utilization of RVs in Japan is getting activated. Disaster prevention fair of the Cabinet Office etc.
August, 2011: 
Exhibited a model B-Shop at "Disaster Prevention Fair 2011" hosted by the Cabinet Office. (At the Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park)
People's interest in disaster prevention has increased, many people visited the Fair. People of Tohoku were selling their local products.
Lectures and events about disaster prevention were held in the Park facilities. We exhibited a mobile home.
Earthquake experience by a vehicle of Tokyo Fire Defense Agency was carried out, too.
Demonstration of emergency rescue dogs which actively worked at the stricken areas
Supported to stricken areas for disaster recovery.
Mobile homes are utilized as volunteer centers, offices, accommodations, a hair salon, restaurants, community meeting places, libraries, etc.
Volunteer support center, in Kesennuma-shi
Disaster recovery office, at Sumida-cho town office
Volunteer support center, at Sumida-cho town office
RVs heading for Ishinomaki
Volunteer support center, at Ofunato citizen cultural hall
2010:  Applied for a patent for barrier-free floor of trailer house.
Level difference on floor of normal model
Process of making barrier-free floor
Level-difference on floor has been eliminated.
Acquired the patent for processing of chassis.
Patent acquired (March 7, 2014)
A technique of cutting down and making level difference on chassis.
This technique can widen an indoor space of mobile home which has height limitation because of road transporting. It also can be applied for making barrier-free floor.
2010:  Applied for a patent for floor heating system of trailer house.
Construction of floor
Flooring for floor heating
Controller for temperature control and timer
Acquired the utility model for floor-heating of mobile home.
Utility model acquired (September 11, 2013)
Construction of floor heating systems on trailer house's floor.
Floor heater is a comfortable equipment for people who don't like drying or pollution of air.
April, 2009: 
Four mobile homes were installed in sports facilities at Edogawa riverside (Tokyo). Public work
The Sports Garden which has a little league baseball ground, futsal courts, tennis courts, a roller skate court, etc. was completed at Edogawa riverside. Mobile homes were installed at the center of the sport facilities, and they are used as men's/ladies'/accessible restrooms and shower rooms, a management office and a shop.
These mobile homes are planned to be moved and used for citizens if river flooding or disaster occurs.
An evacuation drill was held before the opening of the Sports Garden. Electricity, water and sewage, and gas were removed by one-touch operation, and all carrying-out works were completed in 2 hours. After that, everything was restored to the state before moving and the evacuation drill was finished.
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