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Custom order House-type Mobile Home
House-type Mobile Homes | Cumberland Japan Inc.
Japanese-style mobile home

Barrier-free model, accommodation model, special specification, etc.

The photo on the left is a Japanese-style accommodation model that we manufactured in 2006. This is a special specification model which has Japanese-style exterior design and colors, special sashes, a Japanese fireplace, a tatami floor space, etc. We are working on responding to special specification like the above, and also developing products on the theme of safety and barrier-free.
In recent years, demand for mobile homes which are accessible and friendly for people who need care or have physical disabilities are increasing. We are developing and manufacturing barrier-free models referring to ideas of equipment and standards we learned from ADA of the U.S.

If you desire special specification or equipment, please feel free to contact us.

Last Updated: July 1, 2017


Japanese fireplace and tatami floor space

Use for family care is increasing.
(photo: 7-meter long small-size model)
Exterior design, etc. according to customer's requests

Exterior design, exterior color, size (length/width), roof material, etc.

Cottage with 4 bed rooms
Vacation house
Installation of a wide patio door
Electric wiring of floor heating
Cottages for accommodation
Cottages in Hokkaido
Cottage for country life
Children's hospital
Cottage where people can stay with their pets
Small model with a deck
Interior, equipment, etc. according to customer's requests

Interior finish, equipment, kitchen/bathroom/toilet facilities, loft, etc.

Interior finish for a cottage
Loft stairs
Floor-plan on a customer's request
Installation of a door and a lighting fixture in a storage space
Loft for 3 persons to lay down
Washing machine space with water supply and drain ports
Carpet floor of a center loft
Storage space in a toilet room
Interior finishing of a Japanese-style room
Kitchen color matched to the room atmosphere
Tatami space with a Japanese fireplace which was specially made
Living room
Order-made kitchen
High-grade furniture
High-grade wooden flooring
Accommodation model for physical handicapped people
Accommodation model for physical handicapped people
Barrier-free (accessible) bathroom and sink counter
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