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Club House-type Mobile Home
House-type Mobile Homes | Cumberland Japan Inc.
Log Mobile Home: CLUB CLUB

'CLUB' was named with the meanings of 'firm structure of logs' and 'ties of a family or friends who gather there'.

The Club series is a unique model which has a full-fledged structure built of logs of North America or North Europe. It provides profound feeling and warmth special to wood.
Also, measures for coldness are taken, such as adoption of vinyl sash double-pane windows with algon gas fill, and installation of heat insulating material for cold districts in a roof and a floor.

Barrie-free floor and floor heater are available as options.

Use for ---
cottages, accommodation, a room for family care, temporary dwellings at time of disaster, etc.

Last Updated: July 1, 2017

Comfortable space with warmth and gentle smell of wood special to a log model
Full-fledged log structure with profound feeling appearance
Entrance door
The entrance door has a mailbox and a swing bar door guard on indoor side.
Stylish porch lights
Vinyl sash double-pane windows with Low-E glass
Indoor space with warm atomosphere of wood
Lighting fixtures which match to the log interior are equipped.
Ceiling fan with light
Brightness: 2 or 4 lights
Fan: 2-speeds, reversible rotating function
Light switches incorporating a small lamp, easily to locate the switches in the dark
Comfortable bedroom
There are stylish bracket lights also in the bedroom.
Storage space in the bedroom
Kitchen with a range hood fan and cabinets
2-burner gas cooktop
Loft(loft type)
Loft space which is narrow but very popular to children
Stairs accessing to the loft (from living room)
Safety fence

The bathroom is a common Japanese bathroom; a bathroom for shower/bath and a toilet room are separated.

Bathroom with a bathtub and body-washing space
Toilet with a heated seat
Space for a washing machine
OptionsOptions for House-type models
Furniture set (A) [double curtains (blackout & sheer, wooden rails)/ a dining table and 4 chairs/ a refrigerator (120L)/ 2 single beds/ a sofa bed]
Floor heating
Exterior colors of Club series

Exterior walls are painted with OSMO Color which is an environmentally friendly and safe coating made in Germany.

(Colors on photos below may be different from actual colors because of model year, sunshine conditions, performance of cameras, etc.)

Cottage: Cedar
Accommodation: Cedar
Annex: Cedar
Annex: Walnut
Cottage: Scandinavian Red
Cottage: Fir Green
Cottage: Rose Wood
Annex: Pine
Annex: Pine
Annex: Teak
We manufacture each mobile home with great care, pursuing good quality.
Logs of 88-95mm x 180mm
Assembling up logs carefully
Sturdy, lightweight and flexible structure is important.
Notch construction method
There is still important work after the outside framing is finished.
The waterproofing of window circumference is made in consideration of settling of logs.
Logs and beams are built firmly.
Log models require maintenance after purchase.
Equipment colors
Exterior wall:
OSMO color
Porch light,
(standard: white)
Standard: C.F. sheet
Option: Flooring
Bath, toilet
Floor plans
CL832 (CLUB 8): 8.5m x 3.2m
CL1132: 10.5m x 3.2m
CL1132L (with loft): 10.5m x 3.2m
"CLUB" Equipments and specifications   [House-type log model]
Standard: Std / Optional: OptOptions for House-type models
Model CLUB
Model number CL832 CL1132 CL1132L
Price (tax-excluded) / Unit: JPY 7,400,000 7,700,000 8,000,000
Price (tax-included) / Unit: JPY 7,992,000 8,316,000 8,640,000
Equipment CLUB 8 (loft) - with a loft
  [Roof] Galvalume roof Std Std Std
[Outer Wall] Logs / America, Canada, Finland Std Std Std
Coating (exterior wall): OSMO color (Nonpolluting paint) Std Std Std
Vinyl sash double-pane windows with Low-E glass and argon gas fill Std Std Std
Entrance door with a mailbox Std Std Std
Porch lights Std Std Std
  [Interior Wall] Logs / America, Canada, Finland Std Std Std
[Floor] Vinyl flooring (C.F. sheet) Std Std Std
  Ceiling fan with lights Std Std Std
Bracket lights Std Std Std
Patio door (double-pane with grids) Std Std Std
  Ceiling fan with lights - Std Std
Closet (storage space) - Std Std
  Kitchen (a range hood fan, an overhead cabinet included):
1-basin sink, 2-burner gas cooktop
Opt Std Std
Mini-kitchen (W 90cm) (a range hood fan included):
1-burner gas or electric range
(including a range hood fan and a wall outlet)
Std Opt Opt
  Bathroom including a shower, a bathtub, a body-washing space Opt Std Std
Toilet room (including a door, partition walls, a ventilating fan, a wall outlet) Opt Std Std
Unit bathroom including bath, toilet and washbasin Std Opt Opt
Toilet with a toilet seat heater Std Std Std
Space for a washing machine Opt Std Std
Washstand Opt Std Std
  [Floor] Vinyl flooring (C.F. sheet) Std - Std
Stairs with a handrail Std - Std
Downlights Std - Std
  40 amp breaker (made in Japan) Std Std Std
Wall outlets Std Std Std
Air-conditioner outlet Std Std Std
  Frame of channel steel Std Std Std
Axles with rear brakes Std Std Std
Log structure Std Std Std
Truss roof (resist snow accumulation) Std Std Std
Heat insulating material for cold districts Std Std Std
SIZE (centimeter)
  Body length 850 1050 1050
Body width 320 320 320
Height (from the ground) 420 420 420
Length (including a hitch and eaves) 930 1180 1180
Width (including eaves) 350 350 350
NOTES: Specification may change due to makers' specifiation changes or supply situations of parts or materials. Photos shown in this page may include optional equipment and specifications, or props that are for photography purposes only. Colors shown may vary due to reproduction and printing processes. Floor plan images may include optional furniture or home appliances depicted as arrangement examples.
* Because settling will occur to a log model, the whole wall will decrease about 3 centimeters in height during the first 1–2 years after construction.
* Log models are manufactured by a log construction method special for mobile homes.
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