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Custom order Shop-type Mobile Home
Shop-type Mobile Homes | Cumberland Japan Inc.

Special specification for a shop, business use, company's facilities, a barrier-free model, etc.

The photo on the left is a model for a ramen shop. The install location was in an urbanization control area where buildings couldn't be built. This is an actural case that a business was opened in an urbanization control area with installing a mobile home with acquiring permission from the city, and passing an inspection of a public health center.
This mobile home was resold few years later and is used in another place.
We basically think installation in urbanization control areas is undesirable. However in some cases, utilization of mobile homes may be admitted depending on local administrative guidances.

Because mobile homes are movable products, they need to be manufactured with structure more than a certain level in safety. We are manufacturing our products with structure based on standards of Japan Recreational Vehicle Import Association.

Last Updated: July 1, 2017

Franchise hamburger shop
Public works: sports facilities (shower rooms and restrooms, a store)
A utilization case that four mobile homes were installed in sports facilities constructed at a riverside of Edogawa Ward as a public work (the upper right photo)
  • In case that water level of the river rises, the mobile homes can be moved promptly and the equipment can be conserved.
  • In case that a disaster occures, the mobile homes can be moved and used for relief activities or as toilets and showers for citizens.
It is one of the biggest advantage of a mobile home that there are utilization ways because it is not a building.
Designs to meet owners' requirements

shape, decoration, size (length/width), roof shape, color, room layout, equipment, shower room, toilet, kitchen, etc.

Japanese style exterior
Waffle shop
Interior of the waffle shop
Yakiniku restaurant
Japanese style setas
Size of 6m x 2.8 m,
in special exterior finish
X-ray room of an animal hospital (The room is shielded with lead.)
Hair salon
Interior of the hair salon
Franchise ramen shop
Shower rooms of a futsal court
Cottage for living in the countryside
Shower rooms and restrooms
Sports facilities
Special model for store and accessible shower room & restroom
Special interior color
Specification for a cold district (Hokkaido): Cafe
Laundromat (a special chassis and structure)
Small model (6m-long) for family care
Hotel (21 rooms)
Use examples
Ramen shop

Design of exterior and interior, and installation of equipment according to customer's request is possible.

Special exterior color: Black
Special exterior design
Entrance designed to be accessible from both sides
Production of a counter table
Special interior design
Rest room
Placement of kitchen equipment
Ventiration fan, wall kitchen cabinets, etc.
Waterproof floor and gratings
Bath-house for employees

Installation of shower booths and a large bathtub, etc.

Employee welfare facilities
1,000-litres bathtub
Shower booths
Dressing room
Shower booths
Hamburger shop

Special design and decoration for a franchise store

Outstanding appearance
A permission of a health care center is required.
Special windows
The interior decoration is also designed according to an image of the franchise chain.
Japanese restaurant
Exterior color that the customer requested
Kitchen equipment
Inside of the restaurant
Pet grooming shop
Orange exterior color
Reception counter
Patio door (entrance)
Grooming room
Equipment for grooming
Taiyaki shop (Japanese sweets shop)

Design of exterior and interior, and installation of equipment according to customer's request is possible.

Special exterior appearance
Japanese-style design
Interior finish according to customer's requests
Stylish shop interior
Spacious indoor space
Shop model: Elite
Kitchen sinks
For a coffee shop
Large counter
Yakiniku restaurant

The restaurant is using two mobile homes, one for Japanese-style seats and another one for table seats.

Wooden exterior siding
Table seats area
Japanese style seats
Ladies' restroom
Men's restroom
We are developing various products with the theme of safety and security.
Also, we are working on developing barrier-free specification models, with referring to ideas of ADA of the United States, etc. about specification and equipment which are necessary to manufacture accessible and friendly mobile homes for people who need nursing care or have physical handicap.
Barrier-free model for accommodation
Wheelchair accessible shower room
Hair salon
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