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Landromat Shop-type Mobile Home
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The first laundromat model made in 2005

One day in 2005, Mr. Miyazawa of Sanko Kogyo (a president of a laundromat company) told us that he would like to make a stylish trailer house laundromat, and this project was started.

We had made the first one with confidence, however vibration was transmitted to the whole and the vibration and noise were like an earthquake when washing machine started to work.
To reduce vibration and noise and improve comfortability, we reviewed again from design of chassis, did testing, and completed a present laundromat model.

Last Updated: July 1, 2017

Merits of a mobile laundromat
There are ways of utilization unique to a mobile home which does not require a building confirmation. (Depends on situations. Consultation required)
- It is relatively easy to rent land from a landowner because superficies right does not arise.
- It is possible to use leasing for a whole laundromat.
- It is possible to consider resale, if the trailer house becomes unneeded.
- It is possible to utilize at a stricken area at time of a disaster. (Depends on situations)
Clean interior

Washer-dryers installed orderly

A table to put laundry is also equipped.

Clean and bright

Easy to handle
Exterior (stylish color arrangement with a yellow base color and green lines)
Vibration test  (The test was carried out repeatedly.)

Vibration test

Accumulating data and improving

Laying of iron plates, etc.

Adjustment of setting positions of jacks
The laundromat model is a product dealt by Sankyo Kogyo.
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